Vijf tips voor ethisch gedrag van Jose Hernandez


Jose Hernandez’ top 5 personal tips for ethical behaviour within an organization:

Vijf tips voor ethisch gedrag van Jose Hernandez

1.  Greed and fear make a coward of the best of us — good organizations do bad things by design not accident.
2.  An ethics crisis has small beginnings, involves open secrets, and exposes a corrupted system.
3.  A toxic barrel corrupts the best apples.
4.  Actions speak louder than words.
5.  You can be legally right and ethically dead wrong.

josehernandezAnd two other tips, mainly focusing on fixing organizations in crisis:

6.  Toxic barrels are fixed by a new kind of leadership — that strengthens the culture, refocuses strategy, and improves structures.
7.  Business ethics is framed by context; Empowering Integrity calls for a recalibrate sense of leadership.
Jose Hernandez (foto) is eigenaar van het bedrijf Ortus Strategies en spreker op de Integriteitsdag. Schrijf je nu in.
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