About us

Management Impact is publisher of leading management books and organizer of conferences, lecture series and events. We inform, inspire and connect many organization professionals through online and offline media.

Management Impact is a part of Vakmedianet, the largest B2B-publishing concern in the Netherlands.

Our mission is to inspire, connect and support managers and professionals.

  • Be inspired by top authors and top speakers. Our authors and speakers are frontrunners and bring you the latest insights and skills.
  • With our events we connect managers and professionals who want to become better in their respective fields. Keep developing yourself.
  • Management Impact supports you by presenting reliable, up-to-date and applicable information.

This is how we contribute to the development of managers and professionals, and organizations that function better and where you can enjoy your work.

About Management Impact

Management Impact started as a part of the Wolters-Kluwer concern, but the publishing house for management books and business titles became a division of Vakmedianet in 2007. It quickly established itself as the leading Dutch publishers in its field. We publish translated editions from internationally acknowledged authors and experts like Alexander Osterwalder, Seth Godin, Henry Mintzberg, Dan Roam, Ash Maurya, Dave Gray and Philip Kotler. But we are also successful in publishing original Dutch ideas and books.

Our focus on quality and approach for cross media presentation (print, online and in person) has resulted in bestselling and award-winning literature. Wouter Hart’s Lost in Control (over 65,000 copies sold), Danielle Braun’s and Jitske Kramer’s The Corporate Tribe (over 25,000 copies sold, Management Book of the Year 2016) and Margriet Sitskoorn’s Train Your CEO Brain (over 20,000 copies sold) are just a few of the Dutch titles that have become successful.

Management Impact also has become an international publishing house, delivering great English business titles for a worldwide audience. Our books are recognized for its excellent content and beautiful design. The Corporate Startup by Tendayi Viki, Dan Toma and Esther Gons was awarded both a CMI Management Book of the Year Award and an Axiom Business Book Awards Gold Medal.

Whether you are looking to develop your knowledge on leadership, general management, innovation, change management, communication, design thinking, project management, marketing or personal development, Management Impact is your source for inspiration.

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